Everything You Need In Athlete Management

Load Management

Keep your athletes ready to perform at their best with accurate load management. 

Load management is a major risk factor for injury. With NL Sports you can monitor the load to recovery ratio and reduce the risk of athlete fatigue, illness or injury. 

Track Well-being & Satisfaction

Athlete's will be prompted to give daily feedback via their mobile devices. Coaches and team managers can then view their general well-being and session satisfaction which will be captured and displayed on an easy to read graph. 

Monitor Injuries & Illness

The performance of your team relies mainly on the wellness of your athletes. With Next Level Sport you will be able to see your athlete's well being and also see how they're recovering after an injury. Athletes are also able to report illness and injuries via their mobile device. 

“The secret to winning is constant, consistent management.” - Tom Landry

Winning isn't everything, but making the effort to win is. - Vince Lombardi

A system built by professionals - for professionals

In professional sports every move matters. That's why we are working with top class developers and sportsmen to build an app that will improve the quality of your game. NL Sports is built with solid biotech foundations with regular input from professional sports teams.

We believe that when you understand the well-being of your team you can prevent injuries and improve player performance.

With NL Sports you can view medical records, see player availability and monitor fitness levels. Helping you put together the perfect team for every match. 

Track Player Performance 

Compare player feedback on exercise sessions and gauge improvements in fitness and intensity over time.

Track Team Wellness

Keep an eye on your team's wellness. Get an overview of your team's stress levels, sleep patterns, fatigue, mood and muscle soreness. 

Activity & Exercise Sessions

Easily schedule exercise session for your team or individual athletes. Players will get notified instantly via a push notification on their mobile device. 

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